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21.04.2019- Spring Snaps

There really is something absolutely glorious about this time of the year, isn’t there? I’m writing this post sitting outside in the sunshine, without a coat or jumper with the breeze bristling through the trees- heaven! This time of the year really is my favourite, and I can’t quite believe that we’ve been as lucky as we have with the weather over this long Bank Holiday weekend too! I’m also making a point of enjoying it as much as possible this spring as this time last year I was super pre-occupied with my impending operation, and then with the aftercare when I came home from hospital- needless to say I’m beyond relieved to be almost a year clear of the whole thing, and also to have the luxury of time to walk, stop and smell all of the wonderful blooms as they make the most of the spring sunshine too: 

Seeing everything come back to life after the chilly (and far too long!) winter is a real boon to the spirits, and all of the cherry blossom peppering the pavement at the moment makes me feel like an extra in Mary Poppins! As well as that, it’s heavenly to see bluebells and tulips surfacing for some sunshine, and this year the wonderment at wisteria is off the charts- certainly in my village it’s never looked better. Long may it last!  

What do you like the most about spring?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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