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31.05.2019- Spotlight On: Olivia Burton Engravables

One of the loveliest things about streamlining my wardrobe over the last month or so has been that it's not only allowed me to claim back some much needed storage space, but I've also been able to think more about accessorising. Since last year, I've been slowly but surely investing in some new jewellery- pieces which are designed to last and which I tend to rotate day to day- each of which means something special too. I love jewellery which has a personal touch, and some of Olivia Burton's latest collection is perfect for customising:

This gold disc necklace is part of a range of engravables which can be personalised with a choice of two fonts, and up to six characters. Not only does this make them the perfect gift- ideal if you're shopping around for someone special or want to commemorate a particular date, but it also means that each design is different. I was very kindly gifted this necklace, and chose to have it customised with something which reminded me of the power of rising up, as well as a as a little nod to my favourite episode of Game of Thrones! The perfect motivator for most mornings- but especially on a Monday! 

Have you picked up any new additions to your jewellery collection recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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