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30.08.2019- On the Menu: Brunch at Gunpowder, Tower Bridge

It's always lovely to have a reason to try out a new brunch destination, and a few weeks ago Hannah, Sophie and I headed to Gunpowder, Tower Bridge for a pre-theatre Saturday feast. I'd been to this branch for dinner before, but was really keen to give their brunch offering a whirl, especially as I'd heard rave reviews of almost all of the dishes on the menu. Only a short walk from London Bridge station, this branch of Gunpowder is the second one to pop up in London, following the success of the original branch in Spitalfields, and had a plethora of delicious dishes on offer: 

We opted for a few small plates to share, including okra fries (heavenly!) and aubergine and kale salad, served with pomegranate which was just delicious. Sophie and I both ordered the South Indian Style Baked Eggs, which come with sourdough bread. Full of flavour, they were just a touch too spicy for my slightly pathetic palette, but I enjoyed them nonetheless- especially as the bread was the perfect accompaniment to soak up the flavoursome sauce. On reflection, I think I prefer the options on the menu during evening service, but it was really lovely to enjoy these brunch dishes in a really relaxed atmosphere. 

Have you visited any new foodie destinations recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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