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09.09.2019- The Simplicity of Swimming

As I’ve been sharing a little bit on Instagram, over the last month or so I’ve added a new activity to my usual exercise routine- swimming! I’ve loved swimming for as long as I’ve been able to do it, and had always meant to do it more frequently, but struggled to find a pool with opening times which fitted in with my routine, particularly considering my Monday-Friday commute. However, having found now found a hidden gem just a little way from home, I’ve been heading for a swim once or twice a week. Initially, it was as a means to take some pressure off my knees from running, but I’ve been enjoying it so much that it’s become a regular fixture, and one which has really helped me to switch off too.

I’ve never been scared of the water, and always loved swimming (both in the pool at the sea) when we used to go on family holidays, so it’s been a real joy to discover it again as an adult. Getting some clear headspace in the pool is a really great way to break up the week, and I’ve also been heading for a swim on a Sunday morning for the last few weeks, which has been a brilliant way to switch up my weekend routine. Having some time to completely switch off is something which I can’t recommend enough, and it’s great exercise without feeling like exercise- low impact but great for cardio and strengthening muscles- and a fab way to get some more miles in for my Miles for Refugees Challenge too. There’s something really relaxing about being in the water as well- it’s difficult to try and explain what it is that makes it so calming, but it makes a massive difference to how I feel, not only physically but mentally too.

To make sure I’m making the most out of each session, I’ve added to my swimming kit with some essentials, including some new swimming costumes from Batako, made from 100% recycled plastic which would otherwise end up in the ocean. Not only are the designs really fun, but they’re super comfortable and stay put perfectly in the pool. I’ve also treated myself to this new bag to stash my towel and other bits in- it’s from The London Chatter’s Watamu Turtle range for Elizabeth Scarlett, a collaboration in support of Kenya’s Local Ocean Conservation, with 100% of profits being donated to the Local Ocean Trust. It’s much more practical than the series of tote bags which I’d been using, and goes without saying that I love the design too. Finally, this Brigeo superfood conditioner with apple and kale which I picked up from Space NK to make sure that my hair gets a little bit of tlc after each swim.

Have you taken up any new exercise recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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