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27.09.2019- Walking in Windsor Great Park

Last Saturday my lovely friends Jolene, Hannah, Katharine and I made our way to Windsor Great Park for a continuation of our walking adventures. Since completing Trekstock’s Big Urban Trek back in May, we’ve been committed to getting regular weekend walks in the diary, and it’s a really rewarding pursuit on lots of different scores. It gives us a chance to catch up outside of the office which is great, and also affords us the opportunity to think about visiting some new destinations whilst simultaneously getting out of London to soak up some much needed fresh air and greenery. For our most recent trek, we headed to the Virginia Water side of Windsor Great Park for an early autumn stroll:

Given that these beautiful surroundings are only about a thirty minute drive away from my house, I can’t quite believe that it’s taken me my lifetime to make it there! Windsor Great Park is absolutely enormous, which is why we decided to venture across a small corner of it, following the Virginia Water Trail around the five or so miles which it encompasses. Winding our way around Virginia Water Lake, we took in lots of the park’s beautiful sights, including the huge, handcarved totem pole and the ancient Temple of Augustus, as well as a woodland trail which took in a bounty of beautiful trees (and provided some much needed shade!) After our trek, we headed to the beautiful cafe for some much needed fuel, before driving into Windsor for a brief spell of tourist-tactic sight seeing. All in all, a glorious day- here’s to the next one! 

Have you visited anywhere new recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and Hannah Last, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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