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30.10.2019- What I Wore Today #389

Although the weather has taken a decidedly chilly turn over the last week or so, I’m determined to try and stretch out the window of time in which I can get away with leaving the house without a coat! At this time of the year, layering plays a huge part in my day-to-day outfit choices, and as well as the go-to thermals which are essential as we head into winter, I’ve also been switching some old favourites up with some new statement additions to my wardrobe:

Cardigan- Marks and Spencer 
Tee- That Sparrow Boy (via Etsy) 
Trousers- Rue de Femme 
Sunglasses- Warehouse 
Bag- Fjallraven 
Shoes- Jigsaw 

Regular readers will recognise this M&S cardigan as one of the staple pieces which I picked up at the outset of last autumn, and it’s proven to be a real investment. As well as layering it with skirts and dresses, it also lends itself really well to styling with some more casual staples like this amazing statement tee from That Sparrow Boy on Etsy- the sentiment of the slogan is on point! Finally, a shout out to these Rue de Femme trousers which I’m wearing a few times a week on average- a savvy spend which I’m so glad I made! 

Have you been styling any new pieces lately? 

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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