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10.01.2020- 30 At 30

As I touched on in a recent post, for the year ahead, I'm focus on thirty things which I'd love to accomplish in my 30th year. Not huge changes, but things which I'd like to achieve and which I think will make a massive difference to me on a personal level if I manage to achieve them: 

1) Get rid of the rubbish I've been hanging on to- college work, old newspapers- all the stuff I've put in a box but never ever look at.
2) Read at least 30 books without abandoning them halfway through.
3) Get a new mattress and pillows.
4) Spend less time on commuter trains.
5) Visit new places- including Skye and Cornwall.
6) Trek Hardrian's Wall for Trekstock!
7) Save some money.
8) Visit Knepp Safaris.
9) Write more.
10) Learn how to make pasta from scratch.
11) Stress less.
12) Donate to Underdog International as much a I can.
13) Get enough (more) sleep.
14) Visit friends who have moved away.
15) Read my poetry aloud in public.
16) Shop locally and support small independent businesses.
17) Have at least one London free weekend a month.
18) Get back into baking.
19) Rewild a corner of the garden.
20) Wild swim.
21) Stop using the words 'just' and 'so sorry' in emails.
22) Blog redesign.
23) Climb Slemish.
24) Stop buying tea towels at every tourist attraction I visit.
25) Get back on a horse.
26) Plan a big trip for 2021...Costa Rica...?!
27) Value my skills.
28) Go to the dentist.
29) Support This Is Our Period.
30) Don't feel bad if I don't complete everything on this list!

What have you got planned for the year ahead?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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