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20.03.2020- On the Menu: Berner’s Tavern

A few weeks ago, on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, Hannah and I had our soggy sprits lifted with a visit to the Berner’s Tavern. A destination which we’ve both wanted to visit for a long while, it was fantastic to finally have the time to pop along for a weekend brunch date before a trip to the theatre, and catch up over some fantastic food and in some truly stunning surroundings: 

As well as the very impressive menu, the ambience of the Berner’s Tavern is really special. The history of the building is fascinating- it’s gone from private home to hotel and restaurant and you definitely get a strong sense of the story it holds the moment that you walk in. Bedecked with framed art and beautiful chandeliers, it really is a wonderfully transporting space- the kind of place which made me sit up slightly straighter in my chair! The food was also just as enjoyable- I opted for the chicken burger with siracha mayonnaise from the brunch menu, served with hand cut chips and a salad which was absolutely delicious. I’m already making plans to go back soon! 

Have you visited any new restaurants recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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