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08.04.2020- What I Wore Today #410

Again, it feels very strange to be sharing posts like this at the moment, but keeping a regular blogging routine is something which is really helping me to maintain a sense of structure and normality, especially as the days seem to be merging into one more and more. I'm also now on furlough from work, so finding things to do is proving essential in terms of helping me to keep sane- especially as nobody knows how long this is likely to go on for. Another thing which is an imperative in terms of structuring the week is joining in with #ClapforCarers every Thursday evening- a really important way to show our wonderful key workers and incredible NHS how thankful we are for them. As strange as it sounds, I'm also really happy to have an archive of content to work back through and share at the moment, especially as looking back through my outfit snaps always tends to bring back brilliant memories of various lunch breaks spent in the best company:

Coat- Cancer Research UK
Jumper- & Other Stories
Skirt- Free People
Shoes- Adidas

It's without a doubt weird to be sharing a post of me in a coat and tights when the weather is so glorious at the moment, but this combination saw me through a number of chilly winter days and features one of my favourite recent purchases in the shape of this camel coat from Cancer Research UK, which I picked up after a lovely day in Chawton. Funny as it sounds, I'm now really glad that I splashed out and treated myself on the day, and not only is it a wonderful staple for my winter wardrobe, but it's also a brilliant reminder of a special trip. Funny how clothes can be sentimental like that, isn't it? Here I layered it with a knit from & Other Stories which is a real treasure, and the ubiquitous leopard print midi skirt from Free People. A nice tonal combination for an autumnal day- even if they will be at home in the wardrobe for the forseeable future. 

Are you looking back through your favourite photos?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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