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13.04.2020- Spring Snaps

Whilst there's no question that the current situation as we are facing it is a strange and scary one, I'm trying to seek the positive in as much of what I can control as possible. It's easy to feel helpless at times like this, but there are still glimmers of light around if you look for them. For me, this has been found in being able to slow down and appreciate the small things that would ordinarily pass me by amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, but given time I've been able to rekindle some of the pastimes which I used to love, including baking and writing. I've also been spending some more time in the garden, getting some practical planting done and also capturing some aspects of the everyday on camera:

The most simple, mundane of tasks is making me feel happy and reassured at the moment, whether that's letting washing dry outside, feeling the sun on my back, ironing or taking the time to cook for myself. I've also never been more grateful for the company of my cats- as crazy as it sounds, it's really lovely to be surrounded by their completely chilled out energy- even if they are slightly perplexed as to why I'm spending so much time at home. On the agenda for this week is a complete wardrobe sort out- more on that soon I'm sure! 

How are you coping at the moment?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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