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15.04.2020- What I Wore Today #411

Still working through my backlog of outfit snaps! Although these aren't particularly season appropriate, looking back through some photos from earlier in the year is affording me the perfect opportunity to share some of my as yet unseen winter essentials on these pages, as well as allowing me to rewind with a smile on my face to happier times:

Jacket- Mountain Warehouse 
Jumper- & Other Stories 
Dress- ASOS 
Shoes- Adidas

Since I started walking properly (e.g treks longer than 10 miles), I've become a little bit obsessed with Mountain Warehouse. It's slightly unhealthy to admit, but as a one-stop-shop for kitting out without breaking the bank, it's brilliant. I picked up this puffa jacket just after Christmas as a practical essential to wear walking, but it quickly became an everyday favourite too, perfect for chilly mornings and keeping cosy on the commute. Here I teamed it with some monochrome staples in the shape of this knit from & Other Stories (as seen in my last post), layered over a long denim dress from ASOS, a purchase which was unsurprisingly influenced by Little Women- much like everything I've bought since last December!

(Image credit Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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