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06.05.2020- Top Tips for Perfect Peonies

Now that we're firmly at the start of another month, and spring is stretching out into early summer, peony season is well and truly here. These superstar blooms are without question some of the most popular, and their aesthetic appeal has made them firm favourites on the 'gram too. It's easy to see why: available in a plethora of pinks, from cerise to coral to the classic Sarah Bernhardt shade, they instantly lift any space, and the fact that many varieties change colour as they unfurl makes them even more appealing.

I love them because their arrival signifies the beginning of my absolute favourite time of the year, with longer days and the promise of plenty of opportunity to celebrate everything kicking back into life after the winter. Whilst the complexion of this year looks unlike anything any of us have faced before, the fact that things are still blooming is really reassuring and gives me hope. If like me, you're determined to make the most of peony season this year, then I've put together some top tips for how to keep them in bloom for as long as possible:

* When your blooms arrive, pop them in some water as soon as possible. This will help to revive them if they've made their way to you in the post- Bloom & Wild are my favourites!

* Find a vase or a jug big enough to accommodate the flowers- I always tend to forget how big the blooms get, so making sure that they have got plenty of room to grow is essential. I've found that my waterfall vase from Oliver Bonas is perfect for peonies. 

* When you're ready to pop your flowers in the vase, add a sprinkle of sugar to the water- this is an old tip which I picked up from a florist years ago and it really works. Similarly, every time you refresh the water, top it up with a teaspoon or so to give your blooms a boost.

* Trim the stems to the length of the vase, and strip away an excess leaves and greenery- these tend to make the water turn cloudy too quickly. As with all flowers, cut the stem at an angle to that you have a diagonal slice rather than a blunt chop- this makes it easier for the flowers to soak up the water.

* Treat your blooms to a fresh drink of water every three days or so, and don't be afraid to pick off the browning blooms- very gently of course, and always pinched out from the bottom.

* Sit back and enjoy!

Have you treated yourself to any peonies yet?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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