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13.05.2020- What I Wore Today #414

Here we are again! Another week and another outfit post from the archive! Looking back at these photos, it feels like a lifetime ago that we were able to so freely wander about, and needless to say that it also feels like a lifetime ago that I wore anything other than jogging bottoms and t-shirts! Nevertheless, I have to remain hopeful that we will have days like these again, and that we'll appreciate what we took for granted before so much more- even something as straightforward as a post-lunch walk with pals:

Jumpsuit- Whistles 
Headband- Emin & Paul 
Shoes- Adidas

These shots are from the start of the year, and I remember being really pleased at finally being able to dig this Whistles jumpsuit out of the wardrobe as we had a spell of warm weather. I'd been on the lookout for a basic denim all-in-one for a while, and picked this up from the Whistles end of season sale last summer. I usually tend to struggle with jumpsuits because of being a bit on the tall side, but this one is perfect, especially as it's slightly looser in terms of the fit. Plus, it's got about a thousand pockets so on a practical level ticks all of the right boxes, as well as being super comfortable too. I might have to blow the cobwebs off of it for wearing around the house!

Have you developed a lockdown wardrobe?

(Image credit: Katharine Morgan, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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