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29.05.2020- Lockdown Lunch #5: Elodie Russo

And, just like that another Friday rolls around! This week has felt slightly more structured than the usual, primarily because of the Bank Holiday on Monday, but if I'm being honest I've found the last week pretty tough to negotiate. I think it's more than just every day feeling the same at this point- again it's the whole sense of uncertainty and feeling like you've got no control over what's happening- not to even touch on the whole farce happening in government at the moment! Still, I'm trying as much as I can to find small positives wherever I can, and this week that has been watching Springwatch on BBC2 (big nanna energy here), but honestly it's a total tonic to sit down and unwind with some insight into how nature is recovering at the end of the day. I've also really been enjoying collating this series for the blog, and my guest this week is the wonderful Elodie! I've known Elodie for the better part of the last ten years, and like all of my other guests so far, we first got to know each other through blogging. She's a constant inspiration to me with her adventurous spirit, and when I next see her I'm getting her to teach me some of her signature dance moves! Today she's joining me direct from her beautiful home in the south of France:

How are you coping with things at the moment? 
Not too well, if I’m being completely honest. I’m a freelance writer and I should technically be used to working from home but the truth is, work has drastically slowed down since the world went on lockdown. It has changed the whole dynamic of how I get things done and organise my days now. I’m just focusing on taking things one day at a time at the moment, which is not necessarily a bad thing but it is taking some time getting used to. 

What are you missing most about life as it was? 

Apart from my friends and my sister who lives on the other side of the world? I also miss the freedom that used to come with working for myself. I usually split my time between the French Riviera - where I’m currently isolating with my parents - Seoul and London but that’s obviously not the case anymore. I’m very grateful that I get to be in quarantine with my loved ones but I miss the freedom of moving around and being what people call a ‘digital nomad’. I know this is a very privileged thing to even worry about when people are getting sick or working on the front line every day but I still miss it. 

Which foods and recipes have become your go-to dishes? 

I spent the first few weeks of quarantine baking up a storm, cooking indulgent dishes and drinking way too much dalgona coffee but I’ve recently started to tone it down and I like to keep things simple, these days. Not being able to go to the gym or fit in your favourite pair of denim shorts will do that to you. Ha! Instead, I’ve been experimenting with new ways of eating. Who knows how long this will last but until I can get my usual Sunday morning croissant from the local boulangerie, I may as well enjoy trying new things and finding new recipes like this low-carb, gluten free bread I’ve been obsessed with recently. I swear my buns keep getting better (and bigger!) every time I make them! I'm amazed! And yes, I can’t believe those words are coming out of my mouth right now either. It’s been rough, everyone… 

What small things are making you happy right now? 

I think this is the case for a lot of us, but this pandemic has definitely made me find joy in even the smallest things, so anything from Zoom drinks with friends to cheesy TV, reading magazines in the sun or Kehlani dropping her new album have made me happy, these days. I also had started learning how to dance before the whole Coronavirus crisis happened and since my friends and I can’t all make it back into the studio, we’ve also been taking classes together on Zoom, which has been really fun and has definitely helped keep me somewhat sane. I'm also learning Korean and finding myself getting more and more of it every day has been a great source of happiness for me. 

What is the first thing you're planning on doing when lockdown is eased? 

Well, first things first : I’ll obviously get my hands on the aforementioned croissant. #Priorities, am I right? After that, I’m planning on visiting friends and family here, in London and in Paris before finally moving back to Seoul. I’m not expecting life to go back to normal for a little while but I want to try to find a new sense of normality amidst all this. Keeping myself focused on the future is my way of doing just that.

Here's to freshly baked croissants and focusing on the future! A huge thank you to Elodie for taking part- you can find her brilliant blog Elle Yeah here, and find her on Instagram here

(Image credit: Elodie Russo, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Thanks for having me! I can't wait for croissants on the beach with YOU and the rest of the gang! xx


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