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05.06.2020- Lockdown Lunch #6: Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall

So, here we are at another Friday, and the first one of the month. June usually always feels like such an optimistic time of the year, complete with the longest day towards the end of the month, but it's been difficult to feel cheerful about it when we can't enjoy it to the full just at the moment. I feel like I talk about how uncertain I am from week to week, with little or no clarity as to what will happen next- every time I expect something to become more understandable, it just makes me more stressed and confused. I know that this isn't an uncommon feeling at all, which is why I'm so keen to carry this series on for as long as I can- hearing from this great online community about how they are managing! 

This week, my guest is the wonderful Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall from Ghenet Actually. I love Ghenet's blog, which encompasses everything from baking and books to slow fashion, notes on the importance of representation and embracing hygge at home. I also love her seasonal bucket lists, and her travel posts have got me eagerly drawing up a list of where I'd love to visit over the next few years...if and when we're again able to explore the world safely and happily. Let's catch up...

How are you coping with things at the moment?

Honestly, it comes in waves. Some days are great, and others are not... The last few weeks have definitely been more positive, but it's swings and roundabouts. I don't think there's a 'normal' way to react to all this, so mostly I've just been listening to my body and checking in mentally, then taking it from there. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself to be like this perfect quarantine queen, who's totally crushing it. That mindset has helped me a lot and I'm enjoying things a lot more now that I've taken a step back and allowed myself to feel whatever I'm feeling. 

What are you missing most about life? 

Mainly seeing my friends. Meeting up for a coffee date, and just hanging out. Having pals over for dinner and playing boardgames. I'm a social person with my friends, and I'm always making plans to meet a pal for a date. Or just treating myself to a nice movie date or a manicure. Little things really. I was never a bit 'out on the town' kind of person so I've actually enjoyed being at home, but that little bit of social interaction. I've been having lots of video chats with friends recently, which has helped a lot, but it's not quite the same as curling up on the couch side by side... 

Which foods/recipes have you been reaching for? 

I've definitely been cooking and baking a lot more lately. My husband is still working, and I'm not, so it's fallen to me to do a lot of the meal making during the week. I don't mind too much, as it's a chance to stretch my sea legs a bit. I'm not the most confident cook, so I've been slowly building up my confidence purely because I'm cooking more. Last week I made daal from my Dishoom cookbook, naan bread and a nice cucumber salad to go with it. I was so pleased with how it all turned out! As for baking, it's my happy place, so our oven is working overtime. Banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles... I've been baking the lot! I have a whole Pinterest board of recipes I want to try so I'm using this time to dig in! 

What small things are making you happy? 

Books. I've been reading so much lately, and books are definitely my happy place. I've just ordered a whole heap of books to get me through the next few weeks, and I can't wait for them to arrive! Also flowers. I've been getting bouquets delivered on a fairly regular basis, and seeing them on my bedside has been delightful! I'm a sucker for flowers! 

What's the first thing you're planning on doing when lockdown is eased? 

Staying put. I feel like it's going to be a mass exodus and even the thought has me overwhelmed. So I'm gonna be choosey about what I do with my time. I'm a homebody anyway, so aside from (hopefully) returning to work, I'll still be taking it easy!

Ghenet, I am so with you on the book and flower deliveries- the little things really are making a huge difference to me just at the moment. I am also so here for the Dishoom cookbook, and am now off to find a snickerdoodle recipe to perfect over the weekend! 

A huge thank you to Ghenet for taking part- find her blog here and brilliant Instagram here

(Image credit: Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall.)


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