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10.06.2020- What I Wore Today #417

Another week, another archive outfit snap! I thought I'd scheduled this post for last week, but it turns out it's just been merriily sitting in my drafts instead- so, here it is, better late than never! Again, it's difficult to know how to preface this without like an absolute broken record, but it's quite scary to look back at how merrily and naively I started the year- full of plans and ideas, nearly all of which have been curtailed or postponed. Last week saw the abandonment of yet another holiday (this time to Skye), which has made me feel quite blue, but better to visit when it's safe and we can enjoy that beautiful corner of the world to the full. As the summer begins to unfold, it also feels strange to look back on outfits which I was living in earlier in the year and which are now sitting in my wardrobe, but, for now at least, that's life:

Jumper- H&M 
Skirt- Anthropologie
Bag- Whistles
Shoes- New Balance

Michelle and I snapped these shots one chilly Tuesday back in January after a lunch date at Ole & Steen in Leicester Square, which actually feels like a lifetime ago now. As much as I'd love to tuck in to a cinnamon social and hot chocolate, there's a part of me which can't help but wonder how and if we'll be able to adjust to the gradual return to some sort of normal life- but I guess only time will tell. I'm still erring on the side of caution in just about everything at the moment, and I can't see that changing any time soon- as I type I'm making a mental note about all of the little jobs I've still yet to get round to, including a serious seasonal wardrobe sort. This skirt from Anthropologie is a purchase from the start of the year, and one which wins serious points, not only because of the lovely print, but also because it has an elasticated! 

How are you feeling about life just now?

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.) 


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