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15.06.2020- The Best Bras for Lockdown Life

At the start of lockdown, I remember one of the most mooted points among my friends and I was what to do about bras. To wear, or not to wear- that was the question. And, if we were to wear, it was certainly not going to be business as usual, with comfort taking precedence- especially with the prospect of long spells sat in one spot at makeshift desks. Over the last couple of years, I've had to completely rethink my bra stash as a result of the lingering nerve damage I've got in my shoulders following my laparoscopy, so have been road-testing some more comfortable styles which still offer plenty of support. Consequently, I've amassed a pretty tidy selection of favourites which have been well and truly earning their cost-per-wear keep over the last few months:

The most recent addition to my selection of supporting staples is this colourful number from Girlfriend Collective, a brand which I discovered via Instagram after seeing lots of people singing the praises of their activewear. I've worn this for exercise a few times, but I've also found it to be ideal for everyday wear too, especially as it offers a lot of support without being at all restrictive, and also without any underwiring digging in- winner! I got this one from Liberty back at the start of lockdown with a 50% reduction in price, so it's always worth keeping an eye out for some bargains if you're keen to get one and try it for yourself. Next up, this slightly sheer v-shaped Ava design from Lara Intimates, which I've had for about eighteen months or so. Again, it's one of the most comfortable styles which I've got in my stash, and it's been perfect for wearing around the house, especially as the slightly wider straps offer plenty of support. Finally, an old faithful from Marks and Spencer in the shape of this plain crop top- honestly one of the most comfortable pieces I own!

Which bras have you been living in during lockdown? Have you discovered any new favourites?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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