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26.06.2020- Lockdown Lunch #9: Lauren Aitchison

Another Friday down! And it seems like we've got a few weeks to wait before we can claim back a little bit more normality. I'm still feeling a little bit reticent to make the most of the easing of lockdown as it stands, and after my first trip into town at the weekend, I'm still slightly skeptical that things are moving too quickly in this part of the world. Having said that, I'm really pleased that it looks like we'll be able to partake in some tourism at home this summer- I think a change of scenery is long overdue for so many of us, and will be a great tonic to break up the monotony of being at home for so long. 

Whilst my planned trip to Scotland next month is paused until next year, I'm still getting my fix of beautiful Scottish scenery thanks to this week's guest- the lovely Lauren! Founder of The Devil Wears Tartan, Lauren is lucky enough to call the lovely surroundings of Moray home, and during lockdown I've been living vicariously through her Instagram Stories of the gorgeous beaches and stunning sunsets which make Scotland so special (as well as being seriously envious of their much more cautious approach to unlocking...!) As well as being a super busy bee with her day job, Lauren is also currently being mentored by Penguin Random House as she finishes her first book- a memoir about domestic abuse. She's one of the strongest and most inspirational people I know, and so I was thrilled when she sat down to share her experiences of life lately with me:

How are you coping with things at the moment?

Like a lot of people, I'm having good days and bad days. The good thing is that my life hasn't been changed that much by lockdown. I live in rural Scotland and all my friends and family are at least a three-hour drive away so it's not like I'm used to seeing them constantly and working at home has been easy-peasy (I work for a Member of the Scottish Parliament). The bad thing is life hasn't been changed that much by lockdown. It's caused one of those "what am I doing with my life??" crises but thankfully I'm still doing counselling over the phone! I'm handing in a second draft of my book to my editor this week too; I've been working full time and then spending my evenings working on the book, so I haven't had much of the free time everyone else has been enjoying. I'll be able to take a break over the next month, but I know I'll end up finding other projects to fill my time with instead of enjoying time off.

What are you missing most about life?

Seeing someone who isn't my boyfriend! I get itchy feet being here for too long and usually get away to London, Edinburgh or Glasgow one weekend a month to see my friends. I'm also extremely lucky to be 31 and have all my grandparents still living (plus an extra set due to being adopted by my step-dad) and not being able to see them has been hard when I'm trying to enjoy them as much as I can. When we went into lockdown, I had a real fear I might not see some of them again and it's still at the back of my mind every day.

Which foods/recipes have you been reaching for? 

I'm very lucky that we have the incredible Speyside Coffee Roasting Co. on our doorstep, run by my friends Grant and Jody, who've been keeping me well-supplied with coffee. I bought a cafetière for the first time and have perfected my frothy oat milk latte. Of course, there's been banana bread. My boyfriend is vegan, and I've used lockdown to make the final jump myself after struggling with my last vice for a long time - milk chocolate. Our nearest shop is five miles away so I can't just nip out and buy it like I did when I was still working in a town centre! I've also been enjoying chilli recently and making a big event of it with home-made guacamole and flatbread.

What small things are making you happy? 

I've always hated the sunshine - when I've ended up somewhere hot on holiday, you'll usually find me under a sun umbrella wearing factor 50, a huge hat and a grumpy expression. For some reason, lockdown has turned me into someone who can't get enough of the sun. I've been working in the garden as much as possible since we're lucky to have one. Having animals in the house makes a big difference since I'm home alone all day. Brodie, our lurcher/collie, sits in the garden with me and Bonnie and Clive (the cats) are always around too. 

What's the first thing you're planning on doing when lockdown is eased? 

My best friend has been living abroad and I haven't seen her for over two years. She came back to Scotland in March and it's been torture knowing she's a three-hour drive away and I can't see her. I'll be heading down to Perth as soon as possible so we can get drunk and sing along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Lauren, giving up milk chocolate makes you even more of an inspiration! I'm also finding myself converted into a bit of a sun seeker too- and spending time in the garden has been a complete lifesaver for me as well. Thanks so much for taking part- and be sure to find Lauren's blog here, as well as following her on Twitter and Instagram too.

(Image credit: Lauren Aitchison, please do not reproduce without permission.)  


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