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22.07.2020- What I Wore Today #423

Aaand, just like that, we arrive at the last of my outfit snaps from the archive! It's so funny- when lockdown started I remember thinking (however naively) that things would be back to normal before I reached the end of the images which I had in the bank, but here we are. It just goes to show that the last few months have been like nothing any of us could have ever predicted, and I'm still not sure that any of us have quite got to grips with what we have been living through lately either. As always, revisiting photos from lunchbreaks past has really helped to put a smile on my face when I find myself missing life as it was:

Dress- & Other Stories 
Shoes- Adidas

Michelle and I caught these snaps the week before lockdown began, although it feels like years ago now. As much as I dearly miss seeing my friends for our weekly lunch dates to break up the working week, I know that when we are able to see each other again it'll be a wonderful thing to look forward to- hopefully it won't be too long now, but, as always, I'm erring on the side of caution with my optimism. This dress is from & Other Stories and has been a brilliant piece for spring, and I'm really hopeful that I'll get some wear out of it as we move through summer too- more cautious optimism there for you!

What have you been missing most about life of late?

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. </3 If only we knew then what we know now! Can't wait until we're reunited my love xx


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