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17.08.2020- Favourite Face Coverings

As we all do our bit to adjust to the 'new normal' (I'm still not too sure how I feel about typing that..!), we've all come to appreciate the importance of face coverings. Whilst I can't quite believe that it took the government as long as it did to make them mandatory, I'm pleased that they have finally decided to be more proactive in terms of more mask wearing, particularly in contexts where social distancing is difficult. Although they take a little bit of adjusting to, wearing one is definitely something which makes me feel slightly more protected in the current circumstances, and has also yielded a number of other benefits too- including not having to worry about yanking the hairs out of my chin...! In all seriousness though, wearing a face covering looks like it's something which will be here to stay for the foreseeable future, and with that in mind I've amassed a little collection of favourites which I've been taking out and about with me for a few months now:

Clockwise, from top right- The Vampire's Wife, Brora, Liberty, The Vampire's Wife, Liberty

As far as I've been able to, I've bought cloth face coverings in an attempt to try and protect the environment and be a little bit more sustainable. The first one which I picked up was this blue floral design from Brora, made from repurposed Liberty print fabric, with every penny of the purchase price donated to NHS Charities Together. This original buy is probably still my favourite, particularly as it comes with a wire woven into the top seam to allow for a custom fit. Next up, and slightly more luxurious, my ruffled masks from The Vampire's Wife, which I pre-ordered ages ago and have been getting used to over the last few weeks. Again, all of the money raised from the sale of these fantastic floral designs goes to charity, and it of course goes without saying that I'm a total pushover when it comes to anything festooned with flowers. These are also great as they come with matching little bags to stash them in, making them ideal for using on the go and mitigating the risk of any cross contamination too. Finally, the most recent addition to my collection are the floral designs from Liberty, which I picked up in a pack of five at the end of June. Mum and I have divided the packet between us, and we're both finding these the most comfortable to wear on hot and humid days, and they're also great if you suffer from sensitive skin. 

As for general use and maintenance- if I'm heading out I'll usually take two with me to be safe, and the security of having a backup option is always something worth bearing in mind, particularly if you've got a broken journey. As soon as I've worn them, they're into a hot water and detergent soak for a few hours before drying off and popping away- I keep mine in a drawer in my dressing table to keep them clean between wears too.

Have you found any favourite face coverings?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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