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18.09.2020- On the Menu: The Pig at Bridge Place

A few weekends ago, I kickstarted a (so-far!) sunny September alongside my dear friends Hannah and Steve for a road trip down to Kent and a visit to the beautiful village of Bridge. This foray along the motorway was for a very special lunch trip to The Pig at Bridge Place- Hannah and I were all booked up to visit back in June for a pamper package but sadly living under lockdown saw those plans pushed back to next year. Hannah and Steve visited the Pigs in Southampton and the New Forest after their wedding back in July (❤️) and were huge fans, so a trip to the Kent one was inevitable! We arrived in plenty of time for our 2pm reservation which gave us the perfect opportunity to soak up the surroundings at our leisure, all whilst of course adhering to the Covid-secure measures in place across the site:

As has been the case since lockdown has eased and we've been able to switch our surroundings up a little bit, a change of scenery is super refreshing! Although Kent is not too far away from me as the crow flies, it's a part of the country which I've only seen little pockets of, so to have the opportunity to visit another part of this glorious, green county was a real treat. Bridge Place is a 17th century manor house which has been transformed into this beautiful hotel and restaurant- the perfect corner of rural paradise if you're looking for a convenient escape from the city. The whole space is beautifully designed, and sustainability is built in to the restaurant's varied menu, with seasonal ingredients sourced from the kitchen garden on site, and anything else obtained from within a 25 mile radius. Not only does this guarantee that what you find on your perfectly presented plate is as fresh as it could possibly be, it's also the right way to approach food in general- local, seasonal produce which has a minimal impact on the environment and is sustainable. 

The menu changes regularly, and we ordered a selection of delicious dishes. Unfortunately my appetite has been slightly awry over the last few months which meant that I couldn't quite master the main course which I ordered, but this means that I've now got the perfect excuse to make a return visit soon! After lunch, we pottered around the beautiful garden which also gave me some serious inspiration for next year's planting (as well as a serious case of brolly envy)- watch this space! 

Have you ventured out anywhere new recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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