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30.09.2020- What I Wore Today #432

Things have definitely taken a chilly turn over the last few days, haven't they?! Now that the reality of winter is biting home and we're on the brink of another spell of being at home, I'm trying to keep as positive as possible by looking back on some of my snaps from the summer. It feels like a lifetime ago- and although I'm sure I was worried about life just as much back then, things suddenly seem a lot more stark don't they? As it stands, I think just getting to the end of the year may be the biggest achievement that any of us can clock up, but I'm super thankful for some of the experiences which I've managed to have this year, including my visit to Norfolk back in July:

Dress- Stine Goya (via Quattro Rish)
Bag- Fjallraven 
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban (c/o John Lewis) 
Shoes- Marks and Spencer

How lovely is this dress? It's a Stine Goya piece which I had my eye on at the start of the summer, and which I snapped up in the summer sale at one of my favourite local boutiques. It's been the perfect piece for the summer thanks to the cool, relaxed shape and picnic-blanket print- plus the red has been a real mood-booster over the last few months as well. I'm hoping that I'll get the chance to style it with some opaque tights across autumn and into the winter, alongside a thick woolly knit to fully embrace cosy season. Here's hoping that we'll still have a reason to dress up every once in a while over the next few months!

Are you reworking any of your summer staples for the winter?

(Image credit: Katharine Morgan, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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