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02.11.2020- Most Wanted: The Outdoor Edit

Well here we are again in a situation which is becoming more and more uncertain, seemingly by the minute. I didn’t think things could be more disconcerting than they were back in March and April, but you live and learn, don’t you? As anxiety-inducing as this all is, one of the things which has really helped me over the last few months is being able to get outside and immerse myself in nature. I’m definitely not clocking up as many miles as I was this time last year, but a daily dose of fresh air is always a total tonic, irrespective of whether I’ve just walked around the block or put the miles in. With winter encroaching upon us and the days growing shorter, gearing up for the unpredictable weather is essential- as I’ve learnt to my cost in the past! If you’re as keen as I am to try and make the most of the great outdoors as much as possible over the next few months (in what little way we might now be able to) then hopefully this little outdoor edit will be helpful:

Ultra Light Down Jacket, £49.90, Uniqlo / Barbour by Alexa Chung Glenda Jacket, £299, John Lewis / Camber Fleece, £12.99, Mountain Warehouse / Checked Textured Shacket, £59, Marks and Spencer / Voysey Birds Umbrella, £18.50, V&A Shop / Clear Floral Hooded Raincoat, £60, Ganni at The Outnet / Colourful Standard Hat in Bubblegum Pink, £35, The Hambledon / Floral Face Covering, £15, Needle & Thread / Nanette Boots, £295, Grenson / Utility Bum Bag, £40, Sweaty Betty

One of the best investments I’ve made over the course of the last year was in my ultra light down jacket from Uniqlo. It's one of the warmest coats I think I've ever had, and is super practical too- it folds away perfectly inside it's own pocket (seriously, magic) and also has lots of huge internal pockets which makes it the perfect piece for outdoor adventures. If you're looking for a serious long-term investment buy, then this Glenda jacket from Alexa Chung's latest collection for Barbour is well up there. I love the relaxed shape and contrasting collar detail, but this piece is probably best suited for strolls on dry, sunny days only! 

About this time last year, as I was amping up my training for my now very sadly postponed Hadrian's Wall trek, I become a bit of a Mountain Warehouse fangirl. It's a shop well worth exploring if you're looking for practical outdoor wear which won't break the bank, and their warm weather essentials are great. I'm the proud owner of this green fleece (and a lilac one too!) and honestly can't recommend them enough- warm and cosy enough to make them as ideal for days on the sofa as they are for long walks outside. The shacket is a phenomenon which has taken me more than a little bit by surprise over recent weeks, but I think I'm a convert- anything oversized tends to be a winner in my books! This M&S design is really lovely, and the pale blue the perfect hue for the winter months. 

This being the UK, you really are asking for trouble if you leave the house without an umbrella at this time of the year. My trusty old brolly has definitely seen better days, so I'm due an upgrade- this design from the V&A shop is right up my street. Similarly, if you're in the market for a new raincoat with an added splash of fun, then this piece from Ganni at The Outnet should be at the top of your wishlist. With a definite chill in the air, I'm dusting off my woolly hats too, and this perfect pink piece from The Hambledon is bright enough to keep those pesky winter blues at bay- more essential this year than perhaps ever before. 

Similarly essential for 2020- the face covering. Not only vital to help us carry on as safely as possible as we try to navigate the strange and startling times which we're living through, but also offering the added bonus of keeping the lower half of your face warm! I love this design from Needle & Thread as the delicate floral print reminds me of spring, and (hopefully!) of better things in prospect when the seasons shift once again. Next up, these super cool boots from Grenson, which I've had my eye on for about a year or so now- they are just great! Finally, another practical addition to any outdoor wardrobe in the shape of this cross-body bag from Sweaty Betty. Walking a lot over the years has really helped me to develop a new appreciation for hands-free bags, and this one is a great, simple design, ideal for any outdoor adventures in prospect over the next few months- all within the updated guidance of course.

Are you making the most of the outside options this autumn and winter?

(Image credit: Uniqlo, John Lewis, Mountain Warehouse, Marks and Spencer, V&A Shop, The Outnet, The Hambledon, Needle & Thread, Grenson and Sweaty Betty.)


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