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11.11.2020- What I Wore Today #438

What. A. Wild. Time. To. Be. Alive. Living through history is a pretty stressful experience, isn't it? Good grief. 2020 is definitely serving peak disaster movie feels, but I'm not sure that even the wildest script could have predicted everything which has happened this year. Amidst elections, doom scrolling and lockdown: reloaded, now more than ever I'm really appreciating the value of being able to get outside for some fresh air. Although my grand hiking adventure along Hadrian's Wall for Trekstock has been postponed, I've still been lucky enough to clock up some miles on other adventures, including in beautiful Northern Ireland over the summer:

Jumper- & Other Stories
Leggings- lululemon
Sunglasses- & Other Stories
Boots- Lowa

Getting my walking boots back on to hike up Slemish with Hannah and Steve was great- and definitely an adventure which I think I'll remember forever. In some strange way, getting to the top of the mountain felt like the perfect metaphor for this year so far- full of twists and turns enough to make you doubt yourself and your ability completely, but sheer relief when you get to the summit, only to realise that making it back down again is even tougher! I can certainly see why St. Patrick had his moment of revelation here- it's definitely a life-affirming trek. 

Keeping things practical, I reached for my biggest wardrobe investment of recent years- my Lowa walking boots. They are honestly so comfortable and hold up really well in the rain and mud- super important at this time of the year. This knit from & Other Stories proved to be a really sensible shout on the day too, especially as it was so windy at the top! What isn't apparent in this photo is the fact that on the decent, things got quite muddy as I was more or less sliding my way down- really hammering home that 2020 metaphor once more!

Have you been enjoying getting outside this year?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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