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07.12.2020- Enjoying the simple comforts

Winter is a tough one, isn't it? I always tend to forget just how draining the darker days are, and how that post-lunch slump quickly descends into switching the lights on a 3.30pm every day. Bleurgh. Although I have a winter birthday, I'm definitely much fonder of the spring and summer months, but am trying to find the positive in the crisp mornings and opportunity to embrace the Hygge vibes which make winter just that tiny bit more rewarding. Just recently, I've been drawing on the simplest of comforts to make the days just that little bit brighter- the little things which help to cheer me up, irrespective of how grey and gloomy it might be outside:

  • Watching the birds in the garden from the kitchen window.

  • That first cup of tea in the morning- the dream.

  • Getting to grips with my new kitchen. Baking is heaven!

  • Making time to read before bed in the evenings. 

  • Running as the sun goes down. 

  • Making plans for the garden next spring. 

  • Seeing friends for socially-distanced walks.

  • Making (tentative!) plans for travel in 2021. 

  • Having the time to make myself a proper lunch- bacon and avocado toasties are a new favourite. 

  • Weekends with a good period drama. 
Which simple comforts are you enjoying this winter?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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