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16.12.2020- What I Wore Today #442

The home straight of 2020 is here! Whilst I'm not convinced that the start of 2021 is going to be any easier than most of this year has been, it certainly seems like there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of the ongoing vaccine rollout across the country, which started last week. Every time I sit here and reflect on the last twelve months, I find it so hard to fathom that we're now here at the conclusion of the year- one which simultaneously seems to have been like an immersive version of Groundhog Day and also appears to have absolutely flown by. Life, oh, life. As always, I'm trying to find the rays of positivity through what has, without question, been a really tough year- and reflecting on how fortunate I was to still enjoy a few little trips away from home, breaking up the cabin fever as and when it was possible to do so:

Jumper- Arket 
Trousers- Rue de Femme 
Sunglasses- & Other Stories 
Shoes- Adidas 

This photo was snapped way back at the start of October when my lovely pal Lucy and I made our way down to West Sussex for a few days...a substitute for our curtailed (but now rebooked!) trip to Florence. I've always loved Arundel, but having the luxury of staying in this picture perfect corner of the world for a little bit longer was a great way to explore more of the area in a really relaxed, calm way- including a trek along the river all the way to the sea! Luckily, it was still warm enough to get by without a coat on the whole, which allowed me the ideal opportunity to showcase this new knit from Arket- the perfect autumnal hue, don't you think?  

How are you feeling about the year reaching an end? 

(Image credit: Lucy Mathews, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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