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13.01.2021- What I Wore Today #446

Happy...Wednesday?! At least I think it's Wednesday...who even knows anymore, hey? I don't want to harp on and on about living under lockdown again, but I think it's important to be a little bit reflective on things- especially as the times we are living through are anything but normal. I'll be honest, it does feel slightly frivolous to be posting about a dress at a time like this, but I have to remind myself that having this outlet for my brain to dump in is really important, so for the time being I'm hoping to keep posting and sharing little snippets of the things which are bringing me joy at the moment, including a new favourite frock which enjoyed a socially distanced outing about a month ago:

Dress- Back by Sundown 
Sunglasses- & Other Stories 
Shoes- Jigsaw

I discovered the wonderful Back by Sundown via the South London Maker's Market back in December, and instantly fell in love with all of their beautifully designed and made pieces. This dress was a birthday present to myself, and is the Marie style- a beautiful green floral with ruffled sleeves and white contrast collar. It's definitely got a big Little Women energy, and the loose, flowing shape is an absolute dream. I can't wait to wear it on sunny spring days, but for the time being it's hanging up in my room where I can see it as a reminder to be optimistic as and when I can.

Have you treated yourself to anything new recently?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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