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27.09.2009- Girl's best friend

Today I happened upon a beautiful article in you magazine, showcasing a book to be released on October 8th, entitled 'Dogs In Vogue', composed by Judith Wyatt. The book pays tribute to dogs in fashion (as featured in Vogue magazine) over the last one hundred years, and features some adorable images, such as those below:


You can view more images and find details of the book here.

As long as we remember that dogs are animals in their own right and not fashion accessories to be carried around in the designer handbags of Paris Hilton et al., it seems certain that the companionship and loyalty they offer us will never go out of fashion, as Wyatt's book is testament to.

(P.S. I couldn't post this and not include a photo of my own dog...

...she, however, is far more interested in running around the garden, barking at horses and taking me for long walks than gracing the pages of Vogue!)

(Image credit: Mail Online and myself.)


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