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26.01.2010- J'adore Couture.

Some of my favourites from Paris....



I love the combination of pale pastels with silver, which gives the whole collection a modern feel whilst retaining some antique detailing through integration of delicate lace, ruffles and embellishment. The dresses as standalone pieces are romantic and feminine, but when styled as they have been here with silver tights and space-age footwear, they take on a simultaneously tough yet ethereal dimension.

Armani Privé


Beautifully simple and understated, yet every bit as attentive to detail as the Chanel collection. Sophisticated, subtle and effortlessly elegant.

Christian Dior



John Galliano's Couture presentations for Dior are always the most theatrical of all of the shows, which is why I think I look forward to them the most. I love the historical feel that this collection has; the models look like they belong in a painting. For Galliano, Couture is not just about painstakingly creating a beautiful dress; he constructs a world and aesthetic in which his creations can live and breathe, filling the imagination and evoking a bygone era of decadence which we long to escape to. For me Galliano's work is what Couture is all about, escapism, nostalgia and fairy-tale magic.

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  1. i thought i had died when i saw chanel, and then i saw dior's collection. amazing.

  2. gorgeous collections. adore them all.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  3. i died and went to Chanel Couture heaven, sarah lets go shopping!


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