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31.03.2010- Once Upon A Time....

I can't wait to visit Kensington Palace to experience The Enchanted Palace. In collaboration with Cornish theatre company Wildworks and fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood and William Tempest, the palace has been transformed into a magical animated exhibition which explores the lives of the seven princesses who have each lived there, from Princess Victoria (before she became Queen) to, more recently, Princess Diana. Each of their stories have been 're-imagined as installations', which visitors explore in an interactive capacity as they complete their mystical journey through the palace, rediscovering the history of the location as they do so. Fusing theatre, art, fashion, history and music, the exhibition sounds like it is going to be a fantastic experience, and it runs until 2012, so there's plenty of time to visit. Here are some images from the exhibition as a little teaser of what you can expect:

I really can't wait to visit!

To find out more about The Enchanted Palace, visit Historic Royal Palaces.

(All images courtesy of BBC News Online.)


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