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01.05.2010- I bake, therefore I am*

*Basically my excuse to share my pride in making something that didn't turn into a complete cooking disaster.

A few weeks ago, after a horrible day of writing essays and thinking far too much, I bought The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook on a whim from Amazon;  the cover was just too enticing to resist:

I've always loved making cakes, but have never really had the time since I finished school to develop my baking prowess (if you can call it that!) Last weekend was my cousin's 18th birthday (complete with surprise family gathering), so I had the perfect excuse to test the recipes in the book, making some cupcakes and rocky road bars as a little birthday treat for her and everyone who came to the party. The recipes featured in the book are clear and easy to follow, and hints provided really help if you are a bit of a novice in the kitchen, or, like me, out of practice. I didn't manage to snap a photo of the rocky road bars before they were all devoured, but here are my homemade (!) vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla icing:

Hand decorated as well! They really were so much fun to make and just as much fun to eat judging by the fact that the whole batch disappeared! I hope to try more recipes from my new favourite book soon, so will update with my progress. Today cupcakes, tomorrow the world!

(Image credit: Amazon and Sarah Farrell, do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. nom!

    i personally request a sample of rocky road, yum! xxx


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