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21.05.2010- Summertime, and the livin' is easy.....

The weather here in London today is gorgeous; the sun is shining, there is barely a cloud in the sky and it was warm enough for me to leave the house this morning without a coat! With the temperatures set to rise over the weekend, I've come to the conclusion that I really don't own that many 'summer' clothes, probably due to the fact that the British summer usually lasts for a week if we're lucky. However, this summer I'm off on holiday to Spain for two weeks, so I'm in the process of slowly but surely putting together my summer wardrobe. After seeing the Chanel Cruise 2011 Collection which was shown in Saint Tropez last week, I've got the perfect inspiration:

Also last week in Saint Tropez, Karl Lagerfeld's short film Remember Now was given a star studded screening and launch party. The ever lovely Diane Kruger was in attendance, wearing an outfit which I'm determined to recreate for the summer:

What did you think of the Chanel Cruise collection? And who are your summer style icons?

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  1. i heart diane foreverr! xxx

  2. Her outfit is perfect for a sunny afternoon strolling down the Riviera! xx


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