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10.06.2010- We try to be like Grace Kelly...

Last Friday my bestie and I popped along to the Victoria and Albert Museum to check out their Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition. I'd been looking forward to visiting ever since I found out about it, and was not disappointed. Featuring gowns, accessories and personal items (including the Oscar she won in 1955), the exhibition encapsulated everything that was so remarkable about Grace; the timeless pieces that feature demonstrate her commitment to subtle style, and the accompanying photographs tell the story of a woman who was simultaneously actress, princess and style icon. Although we weren't supposed to take photos, I managed to sneak a few to share with you:

The iconic Hermes Kelly bag, named after Grace. Cue a massive does of bag lust!

These photos really don't do the clothes justice, they are simply exquisite in real life, particularly the intricate embroidery on the gowns. Also there are many more beautiful items which I didn't take any snaps of, including the dress that Grace wore in High Society:

I plan on going back at least once more before the exhibition finishes at the end of September, and can't recommend it highly enough. If you're in London or plan on visiting over the next few months, then definitely plan a trip to the V&A. 

Here are some Grace Kelly inspired looks to help us mere mortals channel some of her style:

Peach Lace Shift Dress, £120, ROKIT

Cutwork Lace Blouse, £20,ROKIT

 Seagreen Pleated Skirt, £15,ROKIT

Marc Jacobs Striped Silk Blend Lame Dress, £391.60, The Outnet

Linda Farrow Luxe Sunglasses, Net-a-Porter

Matthew Williamson Ombre Print Scarf, Net-a-Porter

A girl can dream!

(Image credit: flickr, ROKIT, The Outnet, Net-a-Porter and Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. oh my, i was there on the same day :)
    it was so great - love grace kelly <3
    cute blog!

    pie, xo



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