04.08.2010- 'Don't rain on my parade!'

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The September issue of US Harper's Bazaar features cover star Jennifer Aniston in a starring role as Barbra Streisand, in a shoot which sees her recreate some of Streisand's most stylish looks from the Funny Girl era.

Seeing Jennifer styled like this, I think that she bears quite an uncanny resemblance to Barbra, and I love the way the shoot has been given a retro feeling through the way the clothes have been styled and thanks to the 60's inspired hair and makeup. It's also nice to see Jennifer given a more kooky look, in contrast to her usually neutral red carpet uniform. I don't know whether Jen can sing, but if the producers of the rumoured Funny Girl Broadway revival see this shoot, I'd say she's got a fighting chance of bagging the lead role. After all, how fabulous would it be to see Jen belt out this showstopper?

(Image credit: Video credit: Youtube.)


  1. Great pics. And thank you for your kind thoughts on mine. All best wishes, Sarah

  2. wooah, they look just alike! xxxx


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