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19.08.2010- You give a little LOVE...

The fourth issue of Katie Grand's bi-annual LOVE Magazine is released on Monday, and has eight different covers, each shot by Mert and Marcus, to choose from. Although I've been tempted, I've never bought the magazine before, but, after seeing these covers and hearing about this issue's content (including a 60's esque shoot with Abbey Clancy ), I might just have to splash out on the fourth issue. The big question, in that case, is which cover to pick? So far I've narrowed it down to these three:

Lauren Hutton, The Heroine

Agyness Deyn, The Rebel

Alessandra Ambrosio, The Angel

So far, Alessandra is looking like she'll win for me. You can view all eight covers (once of which features an unrecognisable Sienna Miller) at LOVE on facebook.

What do you think of LOVE? Will you be buying Issue Four? If so, which cover are you hoping to snap up?

(Image credit: LOVE on facebook.)


  1. This s the first I've heard of it, am I being a fashion dunce? I like the third cove best though :) xx

  2. i love all three of these covers! i also like the giselle one!



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