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05.09.2010- A spoonful of sugar...

There's nothing I love more than putting my feet up with a mug of hot chocolate and an assortment of cakes, biscuits and general chocolate based deliciousness. After obsessively getting in to BBC2's new programme The Great British Bake Off, I'm determined to try and make some of the food featured in the show for myself, including these adorable iced biscuits. However, my little ritual is, at present, seriously lacking style. I usually grab whatever mug is to hand and have inevitably scoffed the biccies before the kettle has even boiled. However, after seeing these gorgeous pieces from Urban Outfitters, I'm determined to make tea time a bit more glamorous:

Pip Studio Teacup, £12
Spotty Cake Stand, £20
Pip Studio Rose Plate, £8

Regency Cake Stand, £40
Tea Cup Cake Moulds, £20
What are your favourite indulgences? And what sweet treats would you love to be able to rustle up in the kitchen?

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters.)


  1. The cake stand is so cute! I bet you will find loads of teasets and quirky crockery ideas in charity shops too

    The Fashion Pages

  2. Oh! All of these tea inspired pieces look adorable! I really want a cake stand to store my make-up on, it would look great (: xx

  3. These are very cute! Have you come across RE ( They do the most gorgeous green glass cakestands (and matching jugs) which would fit your Nigella moment perfectly!
    best wishes Sarah
    ps Love the Elle shoot below too - the Blahniks, the Burberry trench, the Chanel jacket. Think I'd go for an Hermes Birkin rather than the more compact one featured here, though. That's if I had a spare few grand handy....

  4. Oh what gorgeous little pieces, I'm trying to make a collection of mismatched china tea cups so make my tea time a bit more glamorous xxx

  5. i'm such a tea person and biscuits, nom, i love them. i adore tea cups! x

  6. Ooooh I'm after a cake stand, these are so cute!
    Lovely blog!


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