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21.09.2010- Garden of Erdem

Erdem Moralioğlu, I love you. Yesterday in London town, the designer showed his gorgeous Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which translated the inspiration he had gathered over the summer as he was co-curating the V&A exhibition on the Ballet Russes to the runway:

I'm so much in love with everything it hurts. The dresses are so beautifully tailored to give an extremely feminine line and, as ever, the signature prints are vibrant and playful. Erdem's use of lace also adds another level of sensual elegance to the dresses, and the ballet influence shines through the entire aesthetic of the collection, from the ballerina plaits in the hair of the models, to the mid-calf ties on the shoes, created by Nicholas Kirkwood. It's extremely rare that I love every single piece from one show, but I could happily fill my wardrobe with everything from this collection. J'adore!

To view a video of the show (which took place outside!) visit

What did you think of Erdem's SS11 collection? Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. I totally agree - dazzling stuff. His prints are always so unashamedly beautiful. If I had a spare grand, I'd be splashing out on one of his sleek printed maxi dresses - perfection in a dress.
    Thanks for the pictures. Best wishes, Sarahx

  2. Thanks for the post,this is his best collection to date by far.I just stumbled onto your blog just now,but I've already become a follower as this post. x Ms Bee


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