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03.10.2010- The Shoe is Art

As well as being a much-lusted after wardrobe essential, for centuries the shoe has also served as inspiration for many artists, including Andy Warhol and Van Gogh. With this in mind, Dune have not only created a homage to the shoe as a work of art in their store windows nationwide, but are also launching a competition to find the most original and exciting piece of art that best represents the shoe as a masterpiece. The competition is open to all, and the top prize for the winning entry is a very exciting £10,000 (think of all of the shoes you could buy with that!) Three regional prizes of £1,000 each will also be awarded to the runner up entries, as decided by the judging panel. The winning piece of work will also be displayed in the window of Dune's flagship store, in London's Covent Garden, as well as in regional flagships across the UK and Ireland. The canvas for your entries really is a blank one: there are no rules about what medium the pieces have to be in, so sculptures, paintings and photographs are all in with an equal shot of winning. Better start looking to your shoe collection for inspiration; you have until Sunday 8th November to enter.

To find out more about the competition, to see full terms and conditions and to submit your entries, visit

What do you think? Will you be entering? And do you have a particular pair of shoes that inspire you to be creative?

(Image credit: Dune.)


  1. Thanks for the tip off...I best get my thinking hat (or shoe) on!! ;) xxx


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