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24.11.2010- Buy, buy, buy!

I've got some very exciting news for you! Tomorrow Urban Outfitters is holding a 20% off event online, and all you have to do to redeem the discount is to enter the code 'TODAYONLY' when you checkout. With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect way to get organised, by stocking up on pressies early and saving some money in the process. And with such bargain prices, I'll definitely be treating myself to a couple of sneaky purchases at the same time! Here's my wish list for tomorrow:

Vaudeville and Burlesque Floral Dress, £80 (£64 with discount).
A beautiful winter floral dress, perfect for an afternoon of tea and cake I have coming up in a few weeks!

Knitted Cat Slipper, £14 (£11.20 with discount).
How adorable are these slippers? Great if you (like me) suffer from freezing cold feet in this weather, or a great gift for Christmas.

Pins & Needles Fur Trim Cardigan, £68 (£54.40 with discount).
With a winter blizzard expected any time now, this is the perfect winter warmer- I love the fur collar. 

Shearling Mitters, £20 (£16 with discount). 
The perfect accessory to keep your hands nice and toasty during this cold spell.

 Diamante Bird Earrings, £6 (£4.80 with discount).
Ever since I lost one of my swallow earrings down the drain I've been looking for the perfect replacement pair- these might just be the ones!

Metal Leaf Necklace, £12 (£9.60 with discount).
The perfect way to capture the essence of autumn in your outfit.

New York Tee, £25 (£20 with discount).
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, and as much I wish I could be in the Big Apple watching fireworks and enjoying the festivities, this t-shirt is sadly about as close as I'll get. 

O&O Paisley Blouse Dress, £45 (£36 with discount).
I love this dress, but then you know I'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to anything with a print!

Don't forget, all you have to do in order to redeem the 20% discount is enter the code 'TODAYONLY' at the checkout. The offer ends at midnight (G.M.T) tomorrow, Thursday 25th November. 

What do you think of my picks? Is there anything you'll be buying tomorrow? And how are you getting on with your Christmas shopping?

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters.)


  1. i really hope you buy those mittens they are adorable!!

  2. i love everything urban outfitters sells, and mylove just augmetns in sight of a sale.


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