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01.12.2010- When you wish upon a star...

It's my birthday tomorrow! How exciting (even though I have to admit turning 21 is a little scary!) As well as giving me the opportunity to eat chocolate cake until my heart's content, it also gives me the excuse to share with you this beautiful (and appropriate!) horoscope themed editorial from the December issue of UK Vogue. Styled by Kate Phelan and photographed by Tim Gutt, model Siri Tollerod takes us on a very fashionable journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac...

I am totally in love with everything about this feature, and as a Sagittarian, I adore the spin that Vogue have put on the centaur. I might just have to print the image out and frame it! Also, if you are fantastically artistic (unlike myself) you could always use these shots to make really cute birthday cards with.

What do you think of the way your star sign has been adapted? Also, how much could we all do with a massive cable knit jumper like the one featured in the second photograph? The snow just needs to go away!

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. love this editorial, im a gemini

    thanks for your sweet comment - new outfit post on my blog



  2. That is definitely one of the coolest editorials I've ever seen!

  3. this editoiral is godly, a piece of heaven.. esp. the virgo and sagittarius ones.

  4. I love this feature so much, it really is impressive, I'm a Cancer so my picture is probably the least exciting, but what a fabulous shoot! Thanks for sharing! xxx


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