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14.12.2010- Pretty as a picture

Emma Cook's latest collaboration with Topshop is definitely my favourite so far. This latest capsule collection of tees is heavily inspired by Art Deco design, and each comes with a beautiful illustrated hanger which would take pride of place in any wardrobe...

Each of the styles is available from

I'm also completely in love with these printed silk dresses which Emma has created for her mainline collection this season:

Horse Print Mini Dress, £310, ASOS.

Flower Print Mini Dress, £324, ASOS.

I adore how vivid and multi-dimensional the prints are; each piece really is a work of art in its own right. 

What do you think of Emma Cook's designs? Are you impressed by her latest collaboration with Topshop?

(Image credit: and Google Images.)


  1. They look beautiful - thanks for the tip! Emma Cook has quietly been doing great stuff for years now. Hope this brings her some recognition. Best Sarah


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