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30.12.2010- Spring in my step

If you're already disillusioned with the end of season sales which are everywhere at the moment, I bring you a refreshing antidote- a sneaky preview of Topshop's SS11 collections:

Homespun Handiwork- cut-out, crochet, think Woodstock.
Print Overload- 70's shapes and vibrant prints, all paired together to clash.
Earthy Stones- a touch of the Wild West with the obligatory cowboy hat.
Colour Pop- accessories in a range of rainbow brights.
The Midi Skirt- a more bohemian take on the ladylike trend.
The Kick Flare- touted as the staple item of the season, letting you release your inner glam rocker.
I adore the printed blouse/dress in the first picture, and, as we saw at London Fashion Week, Topshop's Unique collection for next season looks great. I'm already in love with this beautiful butterfly printed blouse, which I saw in store today...
Cream Butterfly Print Flute Sleeve Blouse, £45, Topshop.
...although I can't quite justify buying spring clothes in December!

What do you think of Topshop's SS11 range? Are you looking forward to the new collections hitting the shops?

(Image credit: Topshop.)


  1. I like a lot of the pieces individually but I'm not sure on the styling. The first dress is beautiful but I wouldn't pair it with any more print. Maybe I'm just getting old...
    My style is more 50's and this is very 70s, luckily for me I'm to fat for Topshop so I wont be able to wear any of it anyway!
    I think the midi skirt is a trend I will try in spring.
    Thanks for showing these, I've seen the Primark collection a lot now but not seen any glimpses of what other stores will be focusing on xx

  2. i adore every piece. i love the bold patterns and mixing and matching. love

  3. love all the hair! happy new year! xx

  4. love these pieces. wouldn't mind them in my wardrobe ;)
    thank you for comment!
    Nat xoxo
    Happy New Year!

  5. dyou know, i don't like most of this stuff but i adore the colour palette overall. rainbow brights really put a smile on your face! if everyone were to walk around in just this collection i think the world would be a more cheerful place, haha. x

  6. What beautiful photos. I love all the colors and prints! I can't wait for Spring, especially a Top Shop one ;D

    Love that blouse. It's perfection! Great blog too btw <3

    xoxo coco

  7. I absolutely cannot wait for the new collections to hit the shops. Especially so I can snap up that pink midi length skirt, its just stunning.

    L x


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