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16.01.2011- You should be dancing....yeah?

The impending release of Black Swan, which opens in the UK on Friday, and centres upon a production of Swan Lake, has got me thinking about other films which feature iconic dance sequences. I can't wait to see the ballet scenes from Black Swan, especially after reading about the rigorous training which both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis underwent in order to be able to convince as ballerinas on screen (and because I'm writing my dissertation on Swan Lake!) However, if if a reported five hours of ballet training and swimming a day aren't really your cup of tea, here's my round up of some stunning dance performances on screen, which can be happily watched from the comfort of your sofa...

Singin' in the Rain (1952)- 'Singing in the Rain'

Starring and choreographed by the legendary Gene Kelly, never has getting drenched looked more fun than in this iconic scene. I love how Kelly's tap dancing skill really takes prominence here and there is something about his performance that is so endearing that it can't help but put a smile on your face.

Swing Time (1936)- Fred and Ginger's first dance

Swing Time is widely considered to be the finest example of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' on screen dance partnership, and, looking at this clip, it's not difficult to see why. They make the synchronised tap sequences (all choreographed by Astaire) look effortless, and remain perfectly in time with each other throughout. Beautiful.

Funny Face (1957)- Audrey's solo

In this sequence, Audrey Hepburn was able to demonstrate her skill as a dancer, having been trained in ballet from an early age. Her performance, in front of leading man Fred Astaire, is cheeky, engaging and lively, and embodies the unique charm which she is so fondly remembered for.

Given the buzz which is surrounding Black Swan (and Natalie Portman's performance in particular) I wouldn't be surprised if the film goes on to become a dance classic in its own right.

Are you looking forward to seeing Black Swan? What are your favourite dance sequences on film?

(Video credit: Youtube.)


  1. i love all those films, and i'm so excited about seeing black swan!!! X

  2. I can't wait to see Black Swan, Rodarte made all the costumes and they are one of my favourite knitwear designers.
    I love your posts, they're all so nostalgic.

  3. swing time is the BEST movie:) same with easter parade!

    follow me?

  4. 'Rich Mans Frug' from Sweet Charity is amazing! :) bit of a fan for all things Fosse.
    have a look, it's iconic.


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