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26.01.2011- Swan Song

In the unlikely event that Black Swan mania has passed you by (alas, a suddenly busy week has stopped me from seeing it yet), this beautiful editorial from Vogue Russia more than confirms that ballet is certainly having something of a fashion moment:

Denisa Dvorakova photographed by Jason Schmidt, Vogue Russia, February 2011.
Although the Black Swan references are perhaps a tad too obvious with the monochrome styling, I really like the way that this editorial imitates a 'behind the scenes' feel and the opulence of the theatre is breathtaking. Also, in the midst of my mountain of dissertation research, I recently watched Anthony Dowell's beautiful Royal Ballet production of Swan Lake on DVD, and until the beginning of April, it is being staged again at Covent Garden's Royal Opera House. Certainly a must-see if you've been converted by Black Swan and are now a bit of a ballet nut (and, if you don't mind a restricted view, tickets are available for as little as £10). Here's the trailer:

It really is a wonderful production.

What do you think of this editorial? Have you seen Black Swan yet? If so what did you make of it?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue. Video credit: The Royal Opera House/Youtube.)


  1. I love that movie! I'm not surprised it has taken the fashion world by storm. :) Believe it or not, I have never seen Swan Lake!! The movie (and now your post) makes me curious to see it...

  2. I love love love the swan lake - I used to do ballet and that was absolutely my favourite :) I still haven't seen black swan tough, I have to go see it asap!!! nice pictures, but ballet always has nice pictures haha :p

  3. what a great group of photos, absolutely stunning!

  4. Thanks for posting these, they are beautiful x

  5. Ballet is so exquisite. I'm glad that it's having its moment in the fashion industry, because it's just time that it did. The elegance and beauty of ballet is absolutely one of a kind.

  6. everything about ballet is so pretty. I'm glad the film is having such an influence.

    Helen, X

  7. Im desperate to see Black Swan - my mum used to be a ballerina!

    Loving your blog, am following you!

    Would love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  8. Fabulous pics, really inspiring!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  9. This editorial is stunning, I love the video tooo x

  10. i went to see it last night i completely loved it the whole colour scheme of black and white and pink and green.
    and who was lily/!?!

  11. gorgeous images and the behind-the-scenes shots are really interesting. I did love Black Swan =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

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