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02.02.2011- Paris is burning

I've only just caught up on the Spring 2011 Couture presentations from Paris, and some of the shows (Elie Saab in particular) were stunning. I couldn't help but feel a little bit let down by Chanel, but kudos to King Karl for sending his ensemble of models down the runway wearing flats, striking a blow for high heel phobes like me everywhere (although this may be a little bit of an exaggeration on my part!) Here are my Spring 2011 Couture favourites:

 John Galliano's elegant designs heavily reference the famous shapes and lines of Dior's 'new look' and were presented in a range of colours, from vibrant reds to ethereal sky blues and dove greys. Hair and makeup styling also paid homage to the 50's inspiration behind the collection. 


A romantic collection from the design team at Valentino, comprising of sheer fabrics, lace details and pleated lines. Although the colour palette here is quite muted and neutral, I think the pale pinks, shimmering silvers and crisps whites are perfect.

 Elie Saab

Red carpet prince Elie Saab became the undisputed King of Couture in Paris, showcasing a collection of exquisite gowns which are beautifully cut and intricately detailed. I love everything about this collection and can't wait to see how many of these designs make their way on to the Oscar's red carpet later this month.

What did you think of the Spring Couture collections? Which shows were your favourites?

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  1. Dior was my fav fav fav! Though Saab was stunning too, it was such a grreat couture week x

  2. John Galliano's designs are lovely, I like the 50s shape skirts. I'm not loving the 70s trend at the moment so 50s shapes will be amazing!

  3. This is very elegant and parisian feeling. Love it!
    /S & E

  4. Oh these are just astounding!

    I adore the dior couture - it's so bold and vivascious but utterly classy also. It's all about the cinched in waists and vulumous skirts for me, it creates such a beautiful silhouette.

    & The delicate detailing, chiffon pleats and subtle iridescence on the other two colllections are just breath taking! I love love LOVE that valentino butterly collar, it's oh so wonderfully whimsical ;)

    Brilliant post m'dear, thanks for sharing (and for letting me rant like this ;) tehe.

  5. I LOVE Elie Saab, the pieces are gorgeous!
    Nat xo

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. These are all so absolutely stunning, I'm almost at a loss for words! I absolutely LOVE what I can see trending on the runway - sheers and pastels, lots of floaty fabrics and tulle is right up my street!
    Lovely picks, really. They're all so gorgeous.

  7. Loved the Valentino and Elie Saab too, something about the girlie nude shades and delicate embellishment that makes me want to dress up and dance around. Hope we see some of these at the Oscars in a few weeks! xx

  8. Lovely outfits! I love your choices! I adore how some of these dresses really bring the drama, while others stay understated yet beautiful... Great post :)

  9. :o the dresses, the fabrics, oh so amazing! gahhhh, this stuff is amazing. ♥


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