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04.02.2011- Do something funny (and fashionable!) for money

Yesterday saw the official launch of Comic Relief 2011, aka Red Nose Day, which this year takes place on March 18th. As well as having the lovely Lara Stone as the face of the campaign launch, those clever people over at Comic Relief HQ have ensured that this Red Nose Day will be the most fashionable yet by collaborating with Dame Vivienne Westwood to create a quirky collection of t-shirts which feature classic designs with a cheeky Red Nose twist:

Shakespeare Unisex T-Shirt, £9.99.
Louis XIV Lady Women's T-Shirt, £14.99.
Punk Girl Women's T-Shirt, £14.99.
The Laughing Audience by Hogarth T-Shirt, £9.99.
Each tee is made using 100% organic Fairtrade cotton, with half of the proceeds from each sale donated to Comic Relief. The full range of designs can be viewed and purchased at the Red Nose Day online shop, and at TK Maxx, Sainsburys and Oxfam, where you can also pick up the trademark Red Noses. And, as if being able to snap up a Vivienne Westwood designed tee for under £15 wasn't enough, Comic Relief have also joined forces with Liberty to create a limited edition shopping bag and silk scarf, each featuring a Red Nose inspired print:

Coated Canvas Shopper, £12.99.
Burgundy Comic Relief Liberty Print Silk Scarf, £12.99.
£4 from each sale will benefit Comic Relief charities across the U.K and in some of the world's poorest countries, so buying the shopper or scarf (or both) as well as one of Vivienne Westwood's tees is a really great way to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged people all over the world. Money truly well spent.

What do you think of Vivienne Westwood's designs and the Liberty collaboration? Are you looking forward to Red Nose Day?

For more on Comic Relief and the work that they do, go to

(Image credit: TK Maxx, Liberty.)


  1. The Louis XIV tee just shot to the top of my wish list haha, it's fab! x

  2. oh this is so clever! ive never heard of red nose day before! thanks for sharing!


  3. Those are definitely the coolest red nose days t-shirts I've ever seen and I love that silk scarf <3 xxx

  4. i've never heard of red nose day before but that scarf is amaaaazing :)


  5. amazing. I plan to get at least a scarf. x hivennn

  6. aw i love these!i still wear my old madonna one to bed from a couple of years ago!


    love your blog btw <3

  7. Oh wow, I've not seen this before. What a fab idea, I love both the Viv and Liberty things. Might get a t shirt to wear to bed

  8. i am definitely getting the Louis XIV Lady shirt. a chance to be crude for charity? hells yeah x

  9. love this idea!

    Helen, X

  10. I really want ones of these tees and the bag, it's such a good way to raise money! I have one of the tees from last RND and just adore it

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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