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20.02.2011- Fashion Week Top Five: New York AW11

The majority of fashion week round-ups I've put together in the past have been fairly lengthy, so, in an attempt to streamline my ramblings, I've decided that rather than just post about every look I love from all of my favourite shows, I'm going to pick my top five from each fashion week. I think that this way I'm sure to be posting about the collections that I absolutely love rather than just popping in the odd look here and there for the sake of it, and I think it's a good way make it all a little more *ahem* exclusive (joke!) Seriously though, as anyone who knows me will tell you I find it very tricky to be concise about anything, so selecting only a quintet of shows from the New York presentations was rather tricky! So, without further ado, here's my top five from NY...

1) Rodarte
I have to admit, I wasn't madly in love with Rodarte's SS11 presentation, but their showcase for next season was beautiful. I really like the long-line coats and the use of juxtaposing textures in this collection, and the combination of cornflower blue with the barley hues works perfectly, nodding to the cinematic inspiration behind this collection- 1978's rural-set Days of Heaven.

2) Erin Fetherston

   Long time readers will know that I'm a long standing fan of Erin Fetherston's work, and this collection brought together everything I admire about her work. Effortlessly cute, light and feminine, the neutral tones and understated styling of this collection evoke an almost dream-like quality. 

3) Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

A lot of the reviews I read for this collection critiqued the sweet shop inspired colour palette, but I quite like it! Perhaps all at once it is a little too saccharine, but there are some standout pieces (the coats in particular) which made this pretty little lot a winner for me. 

4) Jason Wu

The master of elegant evening attire, Jason Wu's collection was another high point from New York. I love the cute ribbon details and sheer sophistication of these looks. 


 For such a distinctive New York brand, I was quite surprised to see this from DKNY- a collection which I think was more than a little inspired by 60's London, particularly the peter-pan collars and clashing block colours.

What do you think of my top five from New York Fashion Week? Which shows were your favourites?

(Image credit: and fashiongonerogue.)


  1. Hi!!

    Totally love these outfits!! Jason Wu's are amazing!!

    ...would appreciate if you check out my blog and if you like we could follow each other?

    hope to hear from you soon,
    jos xx

  2. omg i love your blog! its one of the best i've seen. i follow you everyday and your posts are of amazing quality.
    i have to say that jason wu has the most inspiring collection so far. thank you :D

    please follow me back

    alizey mirza

  3. i love all of the looks that you chose... beautiful!

  4. I am just MESMERIZED by Rodarte. So adorable! I want each piece you've shown here. :)

  5. Ah, Jason Wu. I love you.
    (That rhymes, and this is why I am an English grad student.)
    I love his menswear inspired looks. I will be featuring an upcoming post on such a trend.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I love the Rodarte collection, I feel like their collections are so classic and have such fitted outfits :) <3 xxx

  7. i looveee all these outfits, just perfect


  8. Erin Fetherston and Jason Wu are both amazing! Love all of these collections that you posted, though!

  9. Great collections!

  10. Great set of photos! :D

    What collection do you like the most?:) My favourite is this by Alberta Ferretti :) The clothes look better when they are together..I don't know if the single outfit makes as big impression on me :D
    good colors :d

  11. like you, i'm surprised but loving DKNY's show. that cape and the whole outfit with it is perfection for a dreary british day :)

    oooh let me know what you think of the model agency!


  12. aah next week's looks a bit more exciting, i think the beardy guy is supposed to be a big perv, but i thought he looked MAJE heterosexually challenged....maybe not?!



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