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28.03.2011- H&M Conscious Collection

From next month, H&M stores worldwide will be showcasing the Conscious Collection, a range of clothing created from environmentally sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. The collection, which launches on April 14th, consists of crisp white designs with romantic detailing, and, perhaps most importantly of all, encourages you to wear your eco-friendly and sustainable fashion message on your sleeve. This collection really is the best I've seen from H&M in a long while, and is perfect for spring. Here are my picks from the range:

Recycled Polyester Dress, £29.99.

 Recycled Polyester Dress, £19.99.

Organic Cotton Blend Waistcoat, £9.99.

 Organic Cotton Top, £14.99.

Organic Cotton Top, £19.99.

To find out more about the collection, visit

What do you think of H&M's Conscious Collection? Will you be buying anything? And have you ever bought any eco-friendly fashion before?

(Image credit: H&M.)


  1. They look really pretty. I've not really research eco-friendly clothing (although I'd love that Red lace Erdem dress that Michelle Williams was pictured in). I do look at my retail spending habits and don't really splurge on fast fashion and buy items that don't really date so I can use them for years rather than a season. I know that I need to do better and be more eco though.

  2. I love all those pieces, i might to put my favs on my blog, they have some lovely scalloped edge bits and bobs xxx

  3. the first i've heard of this h&m collection and not only is the idea brilliant but the clothes are so pretty and whimsical

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. LOve the first dress so much! White is perfect for spring and I Love that it is organic too.


  5. I'm soo loving all of these pieces! And to know they are environmentally friendly is just like icing on the cake!

    How sweet :)

    your newest follower

  6. looooove everything here! I can't wait for summer to wear something like this!

  7. amazing buys, love the bag especially. X

  8. I am not sure if I will be buying but I will definitely check these out.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. LOve the first dress so much! White is perfect for spring and I Love that it is organic too.beautiful post..thanks for sharing here..


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