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08.05.2011- Run To You

Whether you're looking to get a bit more active now the better weather has arrived, or if like me, you've been inspired by the lovely ladies over at Where Are My Knees to lose some weight and get fitter for the summer, this collaboration between Nike and Liberty is perfect for you. I have to confess, I'm not a massive fan of running (the idea of inflicting the sight of me, red-faced and out of breath on the general public combined with the fact that I live in an area which seems to be a favourite amongst the local merry band of winos means that outside running is pretty much a no-no!), but this lovely range of training shoes might just be the convincer I need to get a little bit more athletic. Taking some of Nike's most iconic trainer styles and adorning them with a variety of classic prints from the Liberty archive is certainly a great way to add a splash of colour and character to the average workout:

Tatum Print Low Blazer, £68.

Kara's Trees Print Low Blazer, £72.

Kara's Trees High Skinny Premium Dunks, £78.
Although most of the range is now sold out on the Liberty website, those canny people at Office have also snapped up some styles from the range and are selling them in store and online. Even if you're reluctant to take them on a jog round the local park, you'd certainly stand out from the crowd at the gym or at your local exercise class in a pair of these!

What do you think of the Nike/Liberty collaboration? Are you trying to get active for the summer?

(Image credit: Liberty.)


  1. Ah they are gorgeous! Liberty also team up with the French brand Bensimon if anyone is after some Liberty print shoes that are less sporty!

  2. I was just thinking earlier about how I don't have enough/dislike trainers, but these are so pretty!

  3. They'r adorable :) I'm the same opinion as you on running though x

  4. Your blog is amazing! Love it :)

  5. oh my gosh! sparkly sneakers! it can't be done! such a refreshing change after seeing all those mundane white-nike' sneakers all the time :)



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