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02.06.2011- My Month in Pictures: May

Looking back, my May was a pretty hectic one! I started interning at Shakespeare's Globe at the start of the month, and am there two a per week until the end of July. I'm absolutely loving it! Other than that, I've had a lovely time catching up with friends and tying up loose ends at Uni....

 3rd May- Caught the last of the Royal Wedding mania by walking down a Union-Jack adorned Regent Street at the start of the month.

 19th May- Spent a lovely day at Kew Gardens with my two best friends. Very tranquil and, more importantly, lovely and sunny!

 20th May- Picked up these cute postcards to celebrate Mulberry's 40th birthday. 

20th May- Collected the mark for one of my last Uni assessments, very happy!

 30th May- Made these cupcakes for my cousin as she passed her driving test!

What did you get up to in May?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission. Images edited using Picnik.)


  1. All your photos are lovely, well done on the A grade :)
    I worked a lot and packed up all my things because I'm moving house soon so May was a bit boring but I finish work for summer soon yaaay xx

  2. Ah my dad works at the Globe as a steward! What is it you're doing there? So jealous! Sounds like a lovely month :) x

  3. love this sum up! these are all so sweet. x hivenn

  4. Lovely pics. And what a great place to intern - what plays do you recommend? Enjoy the sunshine Sarah


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